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Enjoy the spoken word by Deacon Darren James Defending Your Foundation.

FOREWORD By: Elder Patroba O. Omer
Pastor of - JCOG7th Day - S.I. CONGREGATION

Any serious Christian has had to ask himself or herself, Where or Which is the true church. Of course this would be a very sensible question for one to ask, seeing that fellow Christians before us did not take any chances as far as ascertaining their walk towards ultimate salvation was concerned. No wonder Paul the apostle also journeyed back to Jerusalem for the intent and purpose of Corroborating what he was preaching, with the prevailing doctrine as held by the elders during his time.

Heaven, Is It A Promise For Us?

There is a song which states, "when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be." Bible commentaries, such as Matthew Henry's, are full of such statements about our going to heaven, and it seems almost every sermon on TV and radio contains some references to it. In one such incident, Matthew Henry takes a verse where God promises the land of Israel to Abraham and his seed and says this is our promise of going to heaven.

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Pastor Richard C. Nickels

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible’s dominant theme is faithfulness in marriage. From Noah, Moses, Jeremiah, Malachi, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and the apostles Paul and John, the message of God’s true servants has been to stress the sanctity of marriage. God’s laws in both testaments are designed to protect marriage and the family. From the Garden of Eden to the New Heavens and New Earth, God’s purpose for mankind is summed up by holy marriage.

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